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Albania , Monday 19 February 2018

News Albania » Pukë: KRG secession is unlike other Mideast nation-states

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Publication date: Sunday 15 October 2017

To the contrary, the Ottomans desperately tried to keep a much larger state, including millions of Arabs, Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis, spreading from Albania to Yemen (in fact the Ottoman description of the homeland was “from Shkoder [present-day Albania ...

News Albania » Pukë: Peshmerga Minister: Kurdish Forces Fight IS with Foreign Weapons

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Publication date: Sunday 14 September 2014

Qadir said that the Peshmerga ministry is now in full command of all Kurdish forces and directs the battle against the IS militants. Several countries have delivered arms and military equipment to the Kurds, among them Britain, France, Germany and Albania.

News Albania » Pukë: Violent protests likely to continue in Iraqi Kurdistan in six-month outlook; elevated risk of limited federal government intervention

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Publication date: hursday 21 December 2017

The protests, which as of 22 December were continuing, have been concentrated in areas controlled by the Talabani family’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK). Hotspots have included Sulaimaniya, Halabja, Penjwen, Koye, Rania, Chemchemal, Kifri ...

News Albania » Pukë: Report: Iranian forces arrive in Iraq’s Kurdistan

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Publication date: Friday 01 August 2014

The PUK facilitated the Iranians force’s movement through Kirkuk, the source added. He said the top Iranian leading forces were trained in guerilla warfare and were armed with “sophisticated” weapons to aid in fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and ...

News Albania » Pukë: The Socialist Smear vs. Real Transformation

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Publication date: Saturday 14 March 2009

Is there anything wrong with saying yes? was The New York Times's question about socialism that President Obama didn’t answer earlier this month. Some of us who campaigned for, contributed money to and voted for him have no compunctions about saying yes ...

News Albania » Pukë: Amateur game in France abandoned after resident stages sit-in protest during match

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Publication date: Friday 16 September 2005

Tarbes were leading Juillan 2-1 when the resident set up a chair and refused to move (Facebook/Puk & Match 65) Officials tried to negotiate with the protestor in a bid to get her to leave the pitch and re-start the game but, after a futile 45 minutes of ...

News Albania » Pukë: Turkish Foreign Policy since 1774

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Publication date: Saturday 04 May 2013

Turkey was lobbying in Washington for Bulgaria’s admission to NATO, achieved in March 2004, as well as its membership of the EU, which it joined in January 2007.55 This is not to suggest that Turkish diplomacy in the Balkans was above criticism. During ...