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Albania , Monday 19 February 2018

News Albania » Lushnjë: Lushnje, Albania Hourly Weather

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Publication date: hursday 08 February 2018

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News Albania » Lushnjë: Albania Is Less Violent; Still, Its Economy Festers

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Publication date: Wednesday 28 October 1992

Last winter, a wave of looting swept Albania as hungry villagers sought to augment their meager food supplies. Warehouses were plundered in Kavaje, Durres, Pogradec, Librazhd, Cepan and Lushnje. Then and later, armed gangs robbed citizens and foreigners in ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Always Poor, Albanians Going For Broke In Scam

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Publication date: Sunday 02 February 1997

LUSHNJE, Albania — Murat Ismaili, who has a university degree in economics, sunk his life savings of $600 into a get-rich-quick scheme that promised to triple his money in three months. Sure enough, three months later scheme operators showed him some ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Floods in Albania force hundreds of evacuations

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Publication date: Wednesday 06 January 2016

About 500 families have been evacuated in western Albania after a river broke its banks following heavy rain, flooding thousands of hectares, damaging homes and roads and killing livestock. Police and soldiers have been deployed to Lushnje, 80 kilometers ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Basil M. Douka

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Publication date: Sunday 10 September 2006

He also leaves his great nephews, Ilir Kochi of Malden, Genti Hysenbegasi of Malden, Dhimiter Koci of Saranda, Albania and Andrew Kochi of Malden; his great nieces, Erta Hysenbegasi of Saugus, Polikseni Bita of Lushnje, Albania, Elda Koci of Saranda ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: 5 ‘Foreign Fighters’ Arrested in Italian-Albanian Counterterrorist Blitz

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Publication date: Wednesday 01 July 2015

The anti-terrorist operation, called “Martese,” took place in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, Grosseto, and Lushnje, Albania. All of the five arrests involve charges of conspiracy and travel for the purpose of terrorism. Among those arrested were the ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Albanian Ministry of Energy receives another proposal for MW-sized solar project

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 June 2017

The 2 MW solar facility is planned to be installed in Lushnje, a municipality in west-central Albania.Albania's Ministry of Energy and Industry has received an application for another MW-sized PV plant. The 2 MW project, which was submitted by the local ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Albania's ancient history surfaces

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Publication date: Saturday 02 September 2006

Tirana, Albania — I was sipping an espresso at the Piazza bookstore ... except for an 80-mile superhighway from Tirana to Lushnje, Albanian roads are a challenge, particularly at night. (I advise traveling with a tour group or a guide, unless you ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Albania: Ruling Socialists Take Lead In Elections

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Publication date: onday 26 June 2017

According to Albania’s Central Electoral Commission ... The incidents were reported in Delvine, Lezhe, Lushnje, Velipoje and Shkoder. Minister of Interior Dritan Demiraj said that based on his information there has been an increase in vote-buying ...

News Albania » Lushnjë: Albanian scam victims riot, turn on government

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Publication date: Friday 24 January 1997

LUSHNJE, Albania (CNN) -- Violence in Albania escalated sharply Saturday when an angry mob beat up riot police and a senior government official appealing for order. (910K/23 sec. QuickTime movie) A fraudulent investment scheme, in which critics claim the ...