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Albania , Monday 19 February 2018

News Albania » Durrës: Friday's Olympic Alpine Skiing Results

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

NR. (46) Kang Young-Seo, South Korea, DNF. NR. (69) Suela Mehilli, Albania, DNF. NR. (35) Alexandra Tilley, Britain, DNF. NR. (25) Stephanie Brunner, Austria, DNF. NR. (13) Lena Durr, Germany, DNF. NR. (53) Nicol Gastaldi, Argentina, DNF. NR. (23 ...

News Albania » Durrës: The True Tale of Russia's German Dairy King

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Publication date: Sunday 22 November 2015

Durr says that he retains good contacts with German dairy firms and knows how they have managed to find ways around the food embargo to continue supplying Russia with milk, using middlemen based out of countries including Belarus, Albania and Serbia.

News Albania » Durrës: Durr scores 26, No. 4 Louisville women top Wake Forest 89-52

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Publication date: Saturday 27 January 2018

That plan worked as Durr regained her shooting touch, scoring 26 points to lead the No. 4 Cardinals over the Demon Deacons 89-52. After scoring 36 in a win over then-No. 2 Notre Dame on Jan. 11, Durr dipped over the next three games. The Atlantic Coast ...

News Albania » Durrës: Why Rating Tornadoes Can Be Difficult in Rural Locations

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Publication date: onday 17 April 2017

Multiple tornadoes touched down in Dimmitt, Texas damaging power lines, there were no injuries reported. The Enhanced Fujita Scale is used to rate tornadoes based on the damage they cause. Tornadoes that strike rural locations can be difficult to rate ...

News Albania » Durrës: Tea Party Palooza, or Lilith Fair For Gadsden Flag Zealots; Got Live Stream If You Want It

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Publication date: Friday 05 February 2010

PJTV is streaming live from the Nashville-based Tea Party convention. Go here to watch. Beyond Sarah Palin, who's her own ball of worms and can of wax, I'm surprised (read: disappointed) by many of the featured speakers, including anti-immigrant Rep. Tom ...

News Albania » Durrës: Girls soccer 2015 season preview

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Publication date: Friday 04 April 2014

The Niles West girls soccer team broke three significant school records a year ... Caslin is also hopeful that Brisilda Xhambazi — a junior transfer from Albania, who has an excellent left-footed shot — will have a big impact at forward.

News Albania » Durrës: Eid Al-Fitr 2012 / 1433 – Moon sighted in Melbourne, Australia . Follow us for Eid Location & Prayer times info

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Publication date: Friday 17 August 2012 will be providing constantly updated information on Eid venue details and prayer times for Australian capital cities + beyond. Please check back regularly to this page for the latest info Inshallah. If you are aware of Eid prayer details ...

News Albania » Durrës: Missouri Football Preview: Tiger Offense Undergoes Changing of the Guard

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Publication date: Wednesday 29 July 2009

It's early spring in Columbia, and the newly retooled Missouri offense has slothed threw a lackluster performance in the annual Black and Gold Game. Final score: Defense 68, Offense 40. Forty points may seem like a fine day's work, but not even an ...

News Albania » Durrës: Pope Francis to Create 17 New Cardinals at November Consistory

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Publication date: Sunday 09 October 2016

Father Ernest Simoni, priest of the archdiocese of Shkodrë-Pult (Shkodra - Albania). Notable eligible prelates omitted at the upcoming consistory include those from a number of sees that have traditionally been cardinalatial. In the U.S. these include Los ...