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Albania , Monday 19 February 2018

News Albania » Commerce: DTI welcomes PHL honorary consuls from Europe

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

Albania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. The briefing, organized in collaboration with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center Berlin, Board of Investments, DTI Export Marketing Bureau and supported by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce ...

News Albania » Commerce: Albanian sought by US arrested in cybercrime market probe

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

TIRANA, Albania — Police in Albania say they have arrested a 25 ... Republican John Thune of South Dakota, chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, and Democrat Gary Peters of Michigan, said they're exploring legislation ...

News Albania » Commerce: Cherie Blair signs deal to act for Albania where her husband is official adviser

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Publication date: Saturday 07 March 2015

Rapiscan began legal action against Albania last August, suing the country for £250 million in a case being taken to the International Chamber of Commerce in Vienna. Albania then sought a legal firm to fight its case and, after a tendering process begun ...

News Albania » Commerce: Albania: 'We don't want to be outside EU'

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Publication date: hursday 05 May 2016

"If we could do that, it would have a huge impact on Albania - particularly our agricultural produce," says Nikolin Jaka, of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Image caption Nikolin Jaka, from the Tirana Chamber of Commerce, wishes Albania could ...

News Albania » Commerce: Bulgaria, Albania to Boost Trade Relations

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Publication date: hursday 16 January 2014

Bulgaria and Albania's Chambers of Commerce will cooperate in seeking new business partnerships and the two countries will work towards boosting bilateral trade. "Bilateral trade between our countries grew by 13% in 2013, but our goal is to broaden it even ...

News Albania » Commerce: China, Albania agree to expand cooperation under Belt and Road, 16+1 framework

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Publication date: onday 17 April 2017

According to statistics from Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the bilateral trade volume reached 636 million U.S. dollars in 2016, up 13.9 percent year on year. Currently, China is Albania's major trade partner and main investment source. Regarding the 16+1 ...

News Albania » Commerce: President of Albania comes to Quincy

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Publication date: Sunday 28 September 2008

After former South Shore Chamber of Commerce director Ron Zooleck met the President of Albania Saturday, he had just one wish. “It sounds corny, but I wish my dad could see what happened, that his son got a chance to meet the president of Albania,” he ...

News Albania » Commerce: Dear Mr Gove, If you want us to be like Albania, YOU'RE AN ASS: Still deciding on Brexit? Two brilliant voices give you the Ins and Outs

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Publication date: Saturday 23 April 2016

Albania is an impoverished Balkan state ... Ilir Zhilla, a businessman and former head of the Albanian Chamber of Commerce, told me they sought integration with the EU because they wanted the imposition of higher standards. ‘By joining we will get ...

News Albania » Commerce: Qatar and American Jews

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

An individual does not have to make a FARA filing for commerce-related lobbying work ... It turned out Biniatta was a cut-out for the Democratic Party of Albania, and Muzin filed an amended FARA disclosure for his Biniatta-related activities in November ...